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Our Mission

Ashreinu Educational Programs unlock student potential with challenging work in Torah studies, academics and the arts.  

Our Vision

At Ashreinu, we believe that students thrive when challenged, and that every child longs to learn if given the proper tools in a nurturing and loving environment. We understand that each student possesses a unique blend of talents, abilities, and character. We strive to meet each student according to his or her singular learning style, working with each student to determine the tools needed to reach full potential, both educationally and personally, in a traditional Orthodox environment.

Our education is characterized by an intense focus on skills-based learning, internalizing true Torah values, living according to our heritage both in and out of school, and flexibility in the implementation of our curriculum. Ashreinu empowers individuals to expand their intellectual abilities, develop their creative talents, and discover their passions in order to make a positive impact in a rapidly changing world.

Program Highlights

  • Challenging educational environment that prepares students for their chosen academic pursuit in higher learning and careers.

  • Promotion of independent learning in numerous aspects of Torah including Chumash, Navi, Halacha and Hashkafah to prepare students for a life of learning and to build the foundation of a Torah home.

  • Emphasis on college readiness, and a sustained focus on good study skills and problem solving practice.

  • Varied extracurricular experiences to build excitement for Torah and to tap into the multifaceted talents of our student body.  These include active student leadership, Rosh Chodesh programs, field trips, guest speakers, and weekly physical education.

  • Focus on instilling in each student the desire and ability to strive for on-going self-development in both limudei kodesh and secular academics.

  • Emphasis on Hebrew language, as part of developing independent learning skills and connecting to the land of Israel and its people.

  • Commitment to teaching students to cherish Eretz Israel as a divine gift, and to see its creation as one of the seminal events in Jewish history.

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