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Welcome to Ashreinu

A Jewish Education Tailored to Each Child

When universal education was adopted during the 1800s, the goal was to teach every child the basics needed to succeed in an industrial revolution economy: reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Like the factories of the time, industrial-era schools churned out graduates with basic competencies. Children unsuited for the standard teaching methods fell by the wayside. The world has since moved on, but today many schools still use the "lecture til they learn" approach.

Not at Ashreinu. Our five educational programs serve boys and girls of all ages, backgrounds, and learning styles. Our students partner with our teachers to learn in the way best suited to them.

Ashreinu offers three classroom programs: Kehillat Ashreinu Montessori School (Co-ed, Grades 1-9), Ashreinu Educational Programs for Boys (Middle and High School), and Ashreinu School for Girls (Middle and High School Grades 7-12).  Our classroom programs are designed for students who thrive in a highly personalized classroom setting. Our teachers not only guide each student's academic learning, but also serve as mentors and role models imparting a love for learning, love for G-d, and love for others. 

Ashreinu's Homeschool Umbrella is perfect for parents seeking a Jewish homeschool experience with ample opportunities to learn and socialize with other students in the program. Based in the Ohev Sholom congregation in Washington, DC, we are an authorized homeschool provider for the state of Maryland.

Ashreinu's A La Carte program is perfect for middle and high school students enrolled in public school, another Jewish school, or another homeschool program. Students can opt into specific classes or programs (both Judaic and secular) as it suits their academic and scheduling needs.

We believe that an excellent Jewish education should be in the reach of every Jew, so our programs are priced and organized to allow participation by anyone seeking a quality Jewish education.

If you want your child to receive a personalized Orthodox Jewish education, I hope you will take the time to schedule a meeting with us to discuss how Ashreinu can serve you and your child.


Nancy Nelkin

Vice President, Ashreinu Board

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