Girls Educational Program

Jewish Middle and High School for Girls Grades 7-12

Ashreinu's Middle and High School program for girls is located near the Silver Spring Jewish community in Washington, DC. We offer an individualized curriculum to each student based on her interests, ability, and learning style. Learning is done individually or in small groups. The classroom is guided by experienced teachers who tailor lessons based on each students' unique profile.

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Academic Curriculum

At Ashreinu, Middle and High School students learn math, science, history, reading, writing, and Hebrew language in the setting most beneficial to them.


In one classroom there might be two students studying Geometry with a teacher, three students working together on a science project, and one student doing independent research on history.


At Ashreinu, we don't do "tracking." A student advanced in mathematics may struggle with Hebrew; they will be placed in the appropriate learning setting for each subject. By removing barriers to learning and teaching through tailored exercises that pique each child's individual interests, we foster the love of learning innate to every student.

Judaic Studies

R. Yitzchak Breitowitz gives a beautiful dvar Torah in which he notes that there is a single uniform donation required for the building of the Mishkan, and this is the half shekel donation mentioned in Parshas Ki Sisa. While all other donations related to the Mishkan were based on what inspired the giver, this donation – in which the half shekel coins were melted for use in the foundation of the Mishkan – had to be the same for everyone. Why? Rabbi Breitowitz explains that the Mishkan represented the totality of mankind and all we hope to accomplish in the world. The 613 statements that relate to the building of the Mishkan correspond both to the 613 mitzvot, and to the number of bones and sinews in the human body.


As such, the Mishkan required two types of donations – one uniform, and one inspired. There must be a base of uniformity where all of us “give the same half shekel” and that is our commitment to living a life of Torah, halacha, and mitzvos. And with this as our foundation, Hashem also wants another donation, that of the uniqueness of each neshama in klal yisroel. Hashem does not want uniformity, but diversity, in which each of us gives according to his or her talents, inclination and passion for the betterment of the greater community. 

This idea informs our Judaic Studies program. Our program seeks to inculcate our students with a commitment to religious growth. Torah study is geared toward instilling our students with a love of learning, establishing strong teacher – student relationships, and teaching an approach to life within a Torah framework. We put a strong emphasis on teaching the skills that enable our students to independently comprehend and analyze texts and their commentaries. The religious atmosphere within the school seeks to promote a deep appreciation for study, a devotion to community service, love of fellow man and a love for the State of Israel. With the skills and personal attention we provide, we hope to build in our students both a strong foundation of commitment to Torah and a drive to seek out their own spiritual gifts, with which they will make a unique contribution to the community. 

Our Judaic curriculum emphasizes skill in learning Torah, with the goal of making our students lifelong, independent learners, one of the foundations of a Jewish life. In addition, we foster each student’s unique approach through differentiated instruction in the classroom and with other outlets so they may discover how to use their own interests and talents to contribute to the larger community. 

Art Program

At Ashreinu, students learn the basic concepts of drawing and the elements of design. This program is designed to inspire and motivate young artists to express themselves creatively. Students study style from the art masters and are guided to finding their own unique style.

The pace of this class depends on the age and maturity of the individual students in this class, as well as the group dynamics of the class as a whole.

Our art teacher, Ms. Emily Gould, incorporates academic disciplines into art projects. Students learn how to write artist’s statements and create art in a variety of different mediums: painting, drawing, collage, papier-mâché, and ceramics. Students are introduced to art from around the world.

At the end of the academic year, each student has an art portfolio and an online digital art portfolio that can be shared with friends and family.

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Ashreinu School for Girls meets at Ohev Sholom Congregation located at 1600 Jonquil Street NW, Washington, DC 20012.  

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