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Boys Educational Program

Jewish Middle School for Boys Grades 7-8

Ashreinu's Middle School program for boys meets in Kemp Mill, Maryland. We offer a individualized curriculum to each student based on his interests, ability, and learning style. Learning is done individually or in small groups. The classroom is guided by experienced teachers who tailor lessons based on each students' unique profile.

Academic Curriculum

At Ashreinu, Middle School students learn math, science, history, reading, writing, and Hebrew language in the format  most beneficial to them.


In one classroom there might be two students studying Geometry with a teacher, three students working together on a science project, and one student doing independent research on history.


At Ashreinu, we don't do "tracking." A student advanced in mathematics may struggle with Hebrew; they will be placed in the appropriate learning setting for each subject. By removing barriers to learning and teaching through tailored exercises that pique each child's individual interests, we foster the love of learning innate to every student.

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