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Jewish Education Tailored to Your Child

There's no such thing as a cookie-cutter student, so at Ashreinu all our educational offerings are tailored to each student's unique learning situation, style, and needs.

Whether you're looking for a Montessori Jewish day school, supplemental courses for your homeschooler, or Judaic instruction for your child enrolled in public school, Ashreinu has the program for your child.

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Kehillat Ashreinu Montessori School 
Elementary Ages 6-12 / Grades 1-6
Adolescent Ages 12-15 / Grades 6-9


Visit our campus, meet our teachers, and see why Ashreinu is the right choice for your child

Jewish Montessori Education

Jewish Middle School for Boys

Jewish Middle and High School for Girls

Homeschool Umbrella Program

Homeschool Program

(All Grades) 

Hand-Pick Your Child's Curriculum

A La Carte Program

(All Grades) 

Boys and Girls Montessori
(Elementary Grades 1-6;  Adolescent Grades 6-9)

Boys Educational Program
(Grades 7-12) 


(240) 560-3646

Admissions and Tuition

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